Lohan Returns in Adult Legend Biopic

The past years, Lindsay Lohan have been more famous for her somewhat messy personal life, rather than her achievements on the silver screen, which aren’t that many nor memorable, if I should be honest.

However, now E! Online reports that Lohan is planning an interesting comeback, as the adult film legend Linda Lovelace, in the biopic “Inferno”, directed by the rookie director Matthew B. Wilder.

Linda Lovelace, who tragically died in a car crash 2002, became famous for her role in the adult movie “Deep Throat”, from 1972. She later left the adult industry, claiming that it was her first husband who forced her into the industry, in the first place. She also became a spokeswoman for the anti-pornography movement, stating that she had been both abused and coerced by the adult industry.

I don’t doubt that Lovelace’s life includes all the right ingredients of both drama and juicy tidbits, to make it interesting to view, the only question remains is, will Lohan be able to make the story justice?

Besides Lindsay Lohan, Bill Pullman is also rumored to be part of this movie, playing the part as Hugh Hefner. According to !E Online, more news about the project will be revealed at the Cannes Film Festival, which starts May 12.

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