I Spit on Your Grave Poster

I found the poster for the remake of the ’78 rape and revenge movie, “I Spit on Your Grave”, to be a bit shivery, I especially like the vicious look in Sarah Butler’s eyes. I think this poster is way better than the original, which shows the back of a half naked woman running in the woods, or what do you think?

Nevertheless, it takes more than a good poster to do a movie, though…

The plot, centers around Jennifer (Sarah Butler), an aspiring writer who relocates to a small town to write her first novel. When she meet Matthew (Chad Lindberg), a mentally handicapped man who works as a delivery boy, she gets sucked into a situation that escalates to a point where she gets sodomized, gang raped and left to die. However, Jennifer survives and while she’s recovering, she comes up with a grisly plan on how to get revenge on her antagonists.

If you feel like you heard it all and even seen it before, it might be because the plot is very similar to another rape and revenge movie from the 70’s, “The Last House on the Left”, by Wes Craven which had its remake last year. This remake, directed by Steven R. Monroe, will be released in September, this fall.

Here is the poster, followed by the original from ’78.

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