James Bond 23 News

It is well over a year, before the 23rd James Bond movie will see the inside a theater, as it premiere is planned to November 18, 2011. Nevertheless, rumors about the plot has been circulating around the net for some time now, for example that Bond would head off to Afghanistan to fight drug smuggling, for instance.

Also, one writer on the project, Peter Morgan, revealed in an interview that the story would be shocking. However, since then Morgan has left the project, so who knows what he meant and if that twist is still on. The most shocking I could think of, would be that they killed of M, but that is very far fetch though, since I think that Judi Dench does a great job and gives the franchise a bit of weight.

However, the site Earth’s Mightiest has dug up a rather credible premise, as well as a working title for the next bond, which would be “Property of a Lady”:

They turn the usual Bond story upside down. Typically 007 chases a megalomaniac and restrains him from taking over world domination in the end. This time Bond has to learn just in the beginning that Quantum already has world domination. That also defines the title:The property of this lady is the whole world. And of course Quantum does it’s best to go to war against Bond and MI6, with disturbing means.

However, even though the premise fits nicely into the idea of making the Quantum story arch into a trilogy, it’s contradicted by one of the producers, Michael G. Wilson, who has indicated that the story would not be connected with the Quantum story, thus making it a stand alone Bond movie.

Anyway, I am sure that we will get an entertaining story in the end, regardless of the plot, since Bond is always Bond or what do you think?

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