Supernatural Episode 17: 99 Problems

CW has released a fresh web-clip from the upcoming Supernatural episode, 99 Problems. In the last episode, Dean and Sam had a one way talk with God, which did not end well for them, as God told them that they shouldn’t expect any more help from Him.

It was also revealed that God was the one who put them on an airplane in the first episode of this season, Sympathy For The Devil. He was also the one who put Cass back together, after being ripped to pieces by an archangel, as well. After hearing that, Cass lost his faith and gave back the amulet, with which he planned to find God, to Dean.

Now, I guess that this is all a test, arranged by God, to see if the world is worth saving or not. However, since it’s so obvious that we’re going towards an epic showdown, between heaven and hell, I reckon that we’re all in for a heck of a twist, in this season’s final episode and that the build up is just there to throw us of guard, or what do you think?

Nevertheless, we’re still have a couple of episodes left, before we’ll get the answer for that, with 99 Problems, up next.

“That’s something you don’t see every day!”

In that episode, Dean and Sam finds them surrounded by demons, on a remote road, and are saved by Rob (Michael Shanks) and his religious militia. As Dean and Sam follows Rob into, the religious town, where everyone are well aware of the apocalypse, they meet Leah the daughter of the town’s pastor.

Leah claims that she is a prophet and that the townspeople must follow her commands, if they want to survive the apocalypse and secure a spot in heaven. However, when Dean and Sam discover that Leah starts to turn the townspeople against one another, in the name of God, they realize that they must take her down.

A little trivia, before the web clip: The title, 99 Problems, is said to refer to a song from the album, The Black Album, by Jay Z, released in 2003.

Supernatural Episode 17: 99 Problems – Promo Clip

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