Transformers 3 Starts to Roll Out

With both pre-shoots and auditions going down this month, it’s safe to say that Michael Bay’s Transformers 3 is starting to roll out.

On April 12, a crew of about 60 people will head to Indiana to shoot a pre-vis scene at an industrial property, owned by the Majestic Star Casino. The scene, which will be shoot in daylight and represent Ukraine, will only include a couple of vehicles approaching the property.

However, there is no need to head down there, in the hopes of spotting some stars, though, as the shoot will be closed for the public. Besides, it’s unlikely that any of the main actors will be present, since it’s just a pre-vis scene. Besides Indiana, the movie will also be shoot in Chicago, Florida, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, Texas, Africa, Moscow and China.

It’s not clear if Transformers 3 will be in 3D or not. Since Bay thinks the technology is to clumsy for his filming style and he doesn’t want to apply it in post production. However, considering the economic success with Avatar, I would not be surprised if it turned up in 3D, after all.

The story in Transformers will be much darker and more emotional, compared with the previous. It will also focus more on the development of the characters, rather than explosions and additional robots. However, according to the rumors, it might be possible that we will see Unicorn, the planet eater, appearing in the movie, though. I guess that we will soon get an official plot, which will reveal more about the direction this sequel will be heading.

Besides Michael Bay, Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox, Tyrese Gibson, Josh Duhamel and Ramón Rodríguez will all reprise their roles, together with Peter Cullen, as the voice of Optimus Prime. John Malkovich is also said to be in this sequel, playing the role of Sam’s boss.

Transformers 3 is planned to roll out in theaters on July 1, next summer and I am pretty certain that it will become a box office smash hit, adding to the franchise’s worldwide gross of currently $1.54B!

What is your take on Transformers 3, is it a movie you look forward to, or are you tired of bombastic robot action by now?

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