Resident Evil: Afterlife – Teaser Trailer

It’s time for Alice to set the record straight, once and for all(?), with the umbrella company and by the looks of the teaser trailer, which has fought its way to the net, it seems to contain everything I hoped it would – some savage zombie-killing action!

Resident Evil: Afterlife will come in 3D, which is something that this teaser constantly remind us of, by handpicked scenes, which will probably look cool in 3D, like the airplane and the sunglasses scenes. Besides those, the teaser shows us Alice in full throttle, as she kicks some ass in a couple of astonishing fighting sequences.

We can also see that they have brought the majini zombies, including the Executioner, from the latest video game, as well. But, besides that the movie still doesn’t seem to have that much in common with the video game franchise, though.

As for the plot, Afterlife takes on where the Extinction ended, with Alice roaming around the world, looking for any survivors. Her search takes her to Los Angeles where she discovers a prison, filled with survivors, surrounded by zombies.

Alice joins a group of other survivors and together they start to free the ones caught in the prison. However, soon they discover that they are about to step right into a lethal trap. My best guess is that the trap is set up by the Umbrella company and that we might see the final battle between them and Alice, as she promised in the last movie.

I liked what the teaser had to show and look forward to see some more juicy action in the theatrical trailer, which will hit us sometime in July or August, before the movie rage into the theaters on September 10, this fall.

Resident Evil: Afterlife – Teaser Trailer

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