Predators Movie Trailer

After 20 years, it’s time for another Predator movie. This time with a good cast, without Arnold, including Alice Braga, Topher Grace, Laurence Fishburne, Adrien Brody and my favorite bad guy actor Danny Trejo.

The story sounds appealing as well, revolving around eight cold-blooded killers who are all abducted to a planet, which serves as a training camp for the Predators. Soon they understand that they are the hunted ones and that they must beat the creatures, if they want to survive.

However, what makes me exuberant over this one, is the trailer, which I think is very well made and really manages to build up some anticipation. If the trailer actually reflects the whole movie, I do think that this could turn out to be a true action packed Sci-Fi gem, which would be a must have Blu-ray.

So, until we have the answer if this will be awesome or not, on July 9, have a look on the trailer below and tell us what you think about it.

Predators Movie Trailer

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