Supernatural Episode 16: Dark Side of the Moon

Supernatural is one of my absolute favorites, but I think that the quality of the episodes this season has been shifting too much from really great to dull, with an emphasis on dull. It feels like the main story is not enough to fill this whole season, thus all those irrelevant ‘filler’ episodes, as I tend to call them.

Now as the show is on its last legs, with just a handful of episodes left, I hope that Kripke will focus on the main story arch – the apocalypse and nothing else. That way I think that she show will leave us with a magnificent ending, which will be remembered for a long, long time.

The last episode, where Dean and Sam ran into a town crowded with walking dead was decent, but I did not feel that it added much to the main story arch, more than the message that Bobby received from Death itself.

However, the next episode titled Dark Side of the Moon, which airs on April 1, might be the turning point that gets the momentum of the show going, since Sam and Dean are sent off to heaven, after being ambushed and killed by two angry hunters.

In heaven Sam and Dean bumps into a bunch of old friends and family members, but everything is not all merry in heaven, since Zachariah is out to find them. Castiel tells them to lay low and search for an angel named Joshua, who might be able to help them, since he can talk directly to God. I guess that this will also means that Castiel’s search for God, will end with this episode, if they actually find Joshua, that is.

Even if they do not find Joshua and get a direct line to God, they will get a handful of other Gods in episode 19, Hammer of the Gods, in which we will meet a bunches of different Gods like Baldur, Ganesh, Zao Shen, Kali and the Roman God Mercury. I guess that an episode with these Gods could be rather epic to see, or what do you think?

Promo Clip: Dean and Sam are sent off to heaven

One thought on “Supernatural Episode 16: Dark Side of the Moon

  1. I think the new episodes will be great, i mean, now are going to appear different gods in the Supernatural story. I was thinking about it and maybe… i don´t know, what if god dissapeared beacause he was divided in a bunch of pieces, or in this case, different gods? what if is needed that this gods get unit into only one to bring back the ancient god, the creator of the world?
    Well… i think that this will be (only the presence of new gods, without taking in count my theory yet) a 180 degrees change.


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