Fringe Episode 16: Peter

I really look forward to April 1, when Fringe finally starts airing again. I must say that I have dearly missed Walter, Peter and the rest of the gang. I also believe that episode 16 titled Peter, will be something extra, as well.

In the last episode Olivia found out that Peter actually hails from the alternate universe, as Peter and her where about to go out, something that we all have suspected for a long time.

Episode 16, picks up where the last one ended, where Walter will explains how it all started, beginning in 1985. Judging be the promo below, I guess that we’re in for a rather sentimental and dramatic episode, as Walter explains how Peter was deadly ill as a child and the reasons he had to traveled to the alternate universe and fetch another(?) version of Peter.

I look forward to watch this episode, as I hope it will give us some long awaiting answers to some of my questions regarding the origin of the Observer and Peter’s mother, among others.

Also, as you might now, Fox decided earlier this month to renew Fringe for a third season as well!

Episode 16: Peter Promo

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