Shrek Forever After: The Final Chapter

Now it isn’t that long until DreamWorks Animation unleashes their cool green ogre, Shrek, on the silver screen for the fourth. On May 21 we can see the fourth movie titled, Shrek Forever After: The Final Chapter.

In Shrek Forever, Shrek found himself bored to death with his ordinary lifestyle as a domesticated family man. Then he meets Rumpelstiltskin (Paul McCartney), who offers Shrek a day off where he could feel like a real ogre again. All that Rumpelstiltskin asks in return, for this, is one day from Shrek’s life.

Shrek thinks that one day sounds like a real bargain, so he signs the contract, without knowing that the day Rumpelstiltskin decides to take out of Shrek’s life, is the day when Shrek was born.

As Shrek never was, he finds himself in a twisted and altered version of Far Far Away, where Rumpelstiltskin is king and ogres are hunted. Likewise, the rest of the old gang has also changed, the Donkey is now an intellectual, who has never meet and fears Shrek, Puss resemble Garfield, being fat and lazy, Lord Farquaad is still alive and Fiona is the leader of a pack of hunting ogres.

To revert everything back to normal, Shrek must share a kiss of true love by sunrise, but to prevent this from happening, Rumpelstiltskin has sent out an army of vicious witches to stop him.

I think that the writers have come up with an original plot, good enough to get me little exciting to drag myself down to the cinemas and see how it all plays out, actually.

Even though it’s said that this one will be the final movie about Shrek, there is some buzz that says otherwise – that we shall get a fifth movie as well. But, I think that four movies are enough, for me anyway, so I hope this really is the final chapter. What do you think, would you be able to handle another movie of Shrek, or do you think enough is enough?

Here are a couple of new character posters which where released the other day.

7 thoughts on “Shrek Forever After: The Final Chapter

  1. I think they should make a fifth one because Shrek has a lot of fans.We still have the voices(Mike Myers,Eddie Murphy, and them)so why not.Shrek is one the best animated movies I’ve ever seen.Yes I do think they should make Shrek 5.


      1. Well, I read in a Nick magazine (it was several years ago, mind you) that they had intended to make 5 movies. The fifth one was to be more focused on the Knights of the round table and Shrek gets invovled in some conspiracy with Lancelot and Artie and Merlin. Where ever it was I read this article I knew shrek would have kids in the 3rd movie and I knew that there would be more ogres in the 4th… so I was confused when they started calling the fourth movie “the final chapter” because I thought they were planning on 5 movies. I would really like them to make the fifth movie because I really enjoyed the 4th 🙂


  2. we love the whole entire shrek series!! its soo awesome!!
    we know the whole movie to shrek 2 thats our favourite and we are so excited about shrek the final chapter we’re going to see it with all of our friends!
    when we watch shrek 2 with our friends they get so annoyed coz we just say when the character talk : P
    thanks hannah and amy


  3. I believe Shrek Forever After being the Final Chapter is just a ridiculous practical joke that the Dreamworks Company made up, just only to make more money and to see what we all would react to the joke. I am convinced that they will intend to make Shrek 5 in (2013). I believe they will make a Shrek 5 with Shrek, Donkey, Puss, Fiona, Dragon, the mutant babies, shrek’s children, Artie, Merlin and all the characters that we love, enjoy and laugh alot.


  4. sherk forever the final chapter is one of the best movies made and i love the bit wear peanut (dronkey) fires bannans tail and he makes that funny face eddie muphy donkeys voice is so cool and plus this is the last one coz it even says it in the title sherk forever the final chapter forever and final


  5. Dreamworks are making a prequel of Shrek called Puss in Boots and are going to release it on November 11, 2011. I hope it has Shrek in this?

    I believe they should make Shrek 5 and introduce Merlin and Artie in the fifth movie, Which I Hope to watch in the summer of 2013.

    I don’t believe Shrek Forever After is the Final Chapter, cause I read that they made Scared Shrekless after they made the movie. I have a belief that they will make Shrek 5 in 2013 and we the fans will wait until it’s released.


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