Jack Bauer Signing Off

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fox cancels 24 and the last time we’ll hear the distinct tick, tick, tick sound, which we have learned to love or hate the past eight seasons, will be in May.

The reason is said to be a swelling budget, apparently around $5 millions per episode, poor ratings and the lack of creativity to come up with a breathtaking and thrilling idea for a ‘Day 9’.

However, if you’re a fan of Jack Bauer, you do not need to despair, since there is talk about adapting the concept into a feature movie, which would hit theaters in 2012 earliest, where Jack is sent off to Europa. Plus, the executive producer Howard Gordon, says that they are looking into other possibilities as well.

Also, when two of the most successful TV shows the past years, 24 and Lost, now are buried, I’m sure that we soon will see other innovative and action driven shows surfaces on our TV screens, competing for our ratings, which is always something to look forward to.

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