Movie Posters Craze – Iron Man, Expendables, A-Team, and others

There was quite a few posters, a couple of good ones too, which came out in the past days and since I have not been able to post that much, the past week, I thought that I would do a movie posters wrap-up, with the ones that I thought to be the most interesting and coolest.


First out is the SXSW festival poster for Predators, which is straight awesome made, with a Predator almost melting into the black background. Clearly the best one this week, I think, with no doubt.


The runner up is the one sheet for Sylvester Stallone’s testosterone dripping action flick, Expendables. I find the skull, with weapons arranged like wings, together with the names of all the hard-nosed actors that star in it, is pretty darn cool.

The A-Team

The poster for Joe Carnahan’s take on the 80’s hit series, The A-Team, sure brings back some nice memories of which includes plenty of bombs, machine guns and bazookas. A movie I really look forward to, mostly for nostalgic reasons.


The poster for Robert Saitzyk’s award-winning indie flick, Godspeed, is well made and emits both intensity, horror and drama, all in one sheet.

The Crazies

I am not sure what the international poster for The Crazies is trying to communicate, but flesh craving zombies is not the first thing I think of when I look at it. I think it goes more like a lame disaster movie than anything else.

Iron Man 2

The two new character posters from Iron Man 2, does not add anything, I think we have seen plenty of those kinds of posters already, don’t you?

Lovers of Hate

Last, we have the poster for the dark comedy Lovers of Hate, which have tag-line which I think is pretty clever, “When love curdles, someone still has to eat it.”, which makes you think a little.


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