Eclipse Scene Leaked Online

A couple of days ago I posted the first trailer from the third installment of the Twilight saga, a trailer that was not all that dazzling, more than a short glimpse of Bryce Dallas Howard, who now will be playing Victoria.

However, if you lay your hands on the recently released DVD/Blu-ray of New Moon, you will also get a whole scene from Eclipse, which offers you a bit more to chew on than the paltry teaser.

Here is a brief cut from that scene, where you can see Bella and Edward, cuddling on a bed, discussing the consequences if Bella decides to go through with her choice of becoming a vampire and also immortal.

I will be frank and confess that I did not like the first Twilight movie. I thought it was way too much drama and romantic gibberish, for my taste.

However, surprisingly I found New Moon to be much better, because it contained more juicy parts, as werewolves, more confrontation and Victoria’s hunt for revenge. I also thought that they laid out the story in a much more rapid and pleasant way, compared to the first one, as well.

So now I’m actually looking forward to Eclipse, something that was hard to imagine after I saw the first one. How about you, did New Moon manages to change your opinion about the whole Twilight saga, in some way?

8 thoughts on “Eclipse Scene Leaked Online

  1. No. The one major fault with the reimagining of the vampire myth, is when Edward sucks out the venom in Bella’s bitten arm, his eyes should glow red for the rest of the story, as he has tasted human blood. This inconsistency is annoying as is the fact that millions of people have read watched and followed this story yet absolutely NO ONE else, globally, has acknowledged this. Are people that none observant or just plain stupid? Because the obsession surrounding this story indicates that people are gullible and are ignorant of the obvious. I am bracing for angry rebuttals but think about it, it is true.


  2. Maybe the reason that his eyes did not turn red is because he had not tasted human blood for so long that his eyes wouldn’t ever turn red again. Or maybe the reason was that her blood was mixed with venom and that tainted it in such a way that his eyes wouldn’t turn red then. It was never touch upon. Please don’t nitpick and berate us. I am sure that there are other movies that have inconsistancies in them.


  3. I understand that people would be so upset over something so rediculous because they are such big fans of Twilight/New Moon. I’m a huge fan mostly of the act(ors/resses) in these movies. If something is inconsistant, such as the supposed color-differentiating of Edward’s eyes, who frikkin cares? No one but you I guess.Sorry.. but not really.


  4. Actully, I’m a little obsessed with the Twilight Saga, I know EVERYTHING about it. A vampire’s eyes only turn red when the DRINK human blood, it has nothing to do with tasting it. I’m guessing that Edward didn’t drink the blood, as that would go against what he stood for. I think that he spit it out. If you really thought that his eyes changed color when he tasted blood you must know nothing about Twilight.


  5. his eyes wouldn’t go red because he was only taking the venom out of the blood. As what jenny has put . I am another twilight nut. I hate people that contradict a decent movie. You cant expect them to kept the consistancy up for every movie. The consistancy changes depending on how the actor/ actress is feeling and stuff. for example the one who plays rosalie , in new moon she was wearing a wig because in twilight , she was getting her hair bleached every 6 weeks.


  6. seriously who gives a rats ass if his eyes turned red or not???????? they probably forgot to put red contacts in or something…….. just stfu


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