Sweet Dreams Early Teaser

Here is an early teaser for producer Brian Kniffel’s upcoming movie, Sweet Dreams, a supernatural thriller with dreams and unearthly love as its main theme.

The synopsis sounds fresh and revolves around Sandman who, after watching over our dreams for eons, falls in love with a woman on earth. To create his perfect wedding, a group of unlucky girls are caught in the middle, getting their dreams and lives manipulated. The only question is, how far will Sandman go for the girl of his dreams?

There is not much more info about this indie movie, more than it is Chris Callahan who is going to direct and that filming will start sometime later this month or in the beginning of April. Still, there is a titillating teaser online, which makes me very curious on the final result.

I will keep you posted of any new information regarding, Sweet Dreams, as soon as hears something. What do you think about it, has it got what it takes to make it into your dreams?

Sweet Dreams – Early Teaser


SWEET DREAMS Movie Teaser from Brian Kniffel on Vimeo.

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