Dialogues to Remember (or not): Friday The 13th (2009)

There are movie dialogues that have the ability to hardcode themselves into your head and they’re almost impossible to get rid of; regardless how much you try, they wouldn’t leave.

Some are good or even awe-inspiring, the words fills you with inspiration or joyfulness, while others leaves a strange aftertaste, and some are just tremendously comical or plain stupid, leaving you with your jaw hanging down your chest and your eyes bulging out and you wondering if you got it right.

I like post series, so I thought that I would start another one, which revolves around dialogues that I admire, found to be humorous, or just want to forget that I ever heard.

Horror movies, for some reason, often contains a wealth of well written, clever and razor sharp dialogues, which leaves me baffled of how the writers could have come up with them. Of course, they can also contain an equal amount of the opposite as well.

I think that the first dialogue, in this series, which I have grabbed from Marcus Nispel’s Friday the 13 from 2009, is a perfect example of a dialogue that actually enhanced my experience of the whole movie.

It takes place in one scene, where two of the soon-to-be-dead college students, Lawrence (Arlen Escarpeta) and Chelsea (Willa Ford) as seen in the post image, are chitchatting and it goes like this:

Lawrence: I got business I gotta do this weekend.
Chelsea: What business?
Lawrence: Music. I’m trying to start a label.
Chelsea: Oh, yeah? Like what kind? Like rap?
Lawrence: Why you gotta go racial? Look, don’t put me in a box, all right? What, because I’m black I can’t listen to Green Day?
Chelsea: You’re right, that was dumb. So, what kind of music?
Lawrence: Rap…

With this dialogue, I guess that you know in which direction this series are going and I hope that you want to drop in to read the next one as well!

Photo: © 2009 Warner Bros., All Rights Reserved

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