Repo Men Featurette

Next week we can see Jude Law and Forest Whitaker as they take back artificial organs, from their owners, in Miguel Sapochnik’s futuristic piece, Repo Men, but until then we can watch this fresh featurette.

The plot revolves around two repo men who work for a company that manufactures and sells artificial organs, to sky-high prices. During a repossession mission, Remy (Jude Law) suffers from a major cardiac arrest, and against his will, the company replace his heart with one of their owns, with a hefty debt attached to it as well.

When Remy returns to his job, he discovers that something has changed, and he isn’t capable to rip body parts out of people’s bodies anymore. Remy loses his job, but his big debt to the company remains, which he isn’t able to pay. Therefore, the company sends out his former partner Jake (Forest Whitaker) to take back the heart. However, Remy is determined not to give up without a fight…

I’m optimistic over this one, not only because the great cast of Forest Whitaker, Liev Schreiber, Jude Law and Alice Braga, I also like the plot, which I think plays on how cynical and greedy the medicine industry really can be. According to screenings, it also contains a bit of dark humor as well, which is my kind of humor, spot on!

Repo Men Featurette

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