Twilight Saga Eclipse Movie Trailer

Many promises of eternal love and lines that goes in the tone of, I’ll gonna fight for you, until your hearts stop beating, are delivered in this brand new trailer from Summit, for the next episode in the Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

David Helm, which did 30 Days of Night, is directing this third drama saga with elements of vampires and werewolves. Once again, Bella is once again in the middle of danger as a string of mysterious killings ravages Seattle and a spiteful vampire continues her quest for revenge.

Bella must also choice between her love to Edward and her friendship with Jacob and at the same time she starts to wonder if becoming a vampire, is the smartest move for her.

I cannot say that the trailer is eye-popping, since nothing much really happens in it and it doesn’t build any anticipation, not for me anyway. However, we do get a quick gaze at Bryce Dallas Howard, who takes on the role of Victoria, after Rachelle Lefevre, which is always something.

I guess that, as we get closer to the release date (June 30), Summit will probably hand out a more vivid trailer, which shows some more vampires vs. werewolves’ action and displays some of the new characters, like Jodelle Ferland, which I look forward to see as Bree.

Twilight Saga Eclipse Movie Trailer

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