The Trailer for Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood

Robin Hood seems to attract moviemakers. There are around 20 movies and TV series made about this rebel in green tights, since 1912, and several well known actors has played him, like Errol Flynn, Sean Connery and Kevin Costner, just to name a few.

However, I think that no one has made a rougher and darker version of Robin Hood before than Ridley Scott, which goes up in the theaters on May 14.

Ridley Scott’s version took over 2 years to complete, which included a couple of rewrites of the script, a careful review of the legend behind Robin Hood, plus removing a lot of different fuss that had been added to it over the years.

I think that the trailer shows that Scott’s work seems to have paid off, and that he has managed to put together an epic and innovative version of Robin Hood, in the same bombastic tone as 300 and Gladiator.

The cast, behind Scott is also impressive, with big names like Russell Crowe, Cate Blanchett, Matthew Macfadyen, Mark Strong, Kevin Durand, Danny Huston, William Hurt and Max von Sydow.

Well, I can hardly brace myself until I can rush to the movies and see it. But how about you, what do you think about Ridley Scott’s version of Robin Hood, does it feel fresh or is it just the same story, in a fancy package, or are you just tired of Robin Hood movies by now?

Ridley Scoot’s Robin Hood Trailer

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