Iron Man 2 – A Replay?

The trailer for the upcoming blockbuster smash hit, Iron Man 2, found its way to my eyes today and it leaved me amped. It drips of testosterone and rock ‘n roll, with Rourke as the scarred Whiplash as the icing on the cake, not unlike a good AC/DC concert, actually.

Nevertheless, the trailer may be amazing, but I still haven’t figured out if this sequel, Marvel Studios first, will be up to par with the first one, though.

I enjoyed the first installment, as I thought it was quite realistic, for a superhero movie, and that the story leaved plenty of room for the characters to grow and develop in.

However, I’m worried that Iron Man 2 may just be a replay of the first and that they will stick to the ground story; someone wants to lay their dirty hands on Stark’s technology (the government, this time) and in addition to that, a new enemy emerges (Whiplash) and it’ll all ends with an earthshaking showdown.

Does it sound familiar?

I hope that I’m wrong and that they continue on the path, which they started on, and that they aren’t too careless with this promising franchise, considering a third one will come sometime in 2012.

All aside, I do know two things; Iron Man 2 will be an astonishing and action packed experience to watch and I’m quite certain that Rourke will simply rock as Whiplash and even outdo Downey, or what do you think?

Iron Man 2 Trailer:

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