It’s Wimpy not Vampire…

A kind of funny thing happened today, as I come across a title I thought looked rather interesting, Diary of a Vampire Kid, so I decided to check out the trailer, to see what it could be.

As I watched the trailer, it slowly stood clear to me that something wasn’t right. It more looked like a rather cozy and fun comedy, about an ordinary kid, rather than any kind of vampire movie.

Then, I read the title again and it was clear that I must have been stricken with a mild form of dyslexia or some kind of horror damage, since the actual title of the movie was, Diary of a Wimpy Kid; an adaptation of Jeff Kinney’s comic about a wise-cracking junior high school student and his life in middle school.

Even though it isn’t a vampire movie, it did actually receive a PG rating, not for any blood or fangs though, but for some rude humor and language.

Anyhow, how funny my misread of the title may be, I do believe that the actual movie, which have premiere on March 19, will be even funnier!

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Trailer :

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