Neeson and Ricci Explores the After.Life

In After.Life, which will creep into the theaters next month on April 9, we’ll see Liam Neeson play Eliot, a funeral director, whom takes care of Anna (Christina Ricci), a young girl who has tragically died in a car accident.

The only problem is, despite of feeling confused and terrified, Anna does feel very much alive and no matter how much Eliot tries to convince her that she’s just in the transition to the afterlife, she doesn’t believe him.

Eliot tells her that he’s able to communicate with the dead and that he’s the only person that can help her now. Anna, trapped inside the funeral home, must conquer her deepest fears and accept that she’s in fact dead.

However, Anna’s boyfriend Paul (Justin Long) has a deep feeling that Eliot isn’t what he appears to be. As the funeral approaches, Paul gets closer to reveal the dark secret behind the funeral home, but is it too late or has Anna already started to pass over, to the other side?

After watching the trailer for After.Life, I look forward to see the whole movie, since I have a hunch that the interaction between Neeson and Ricci, will take this story to some unnerving levels, or what do you think?

After.Life Trailer

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