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Predators Movie Trailer

After 20 years, it’s time for another Predator movie. This time with a good cast, without Arnold, including Alice Braga, Topher Grace, Laurence Fishburne, Adrien Brody and my favorite bad guy actor Danny Trejo.

The story sounds appealing as well, revolving around eight cold-blooded killers who are all abducted to a planet, which serves as a training camp for the Predators. Soon they understand that they are the hunted ones and that they must beat the creatures, if they want to survive.

However, what makes me exuberant over this one, is the trailer, which I think is very well made and really manages to build up some anticipation. If the trailer actually reflects the whole movie, I do think that this could turn out to be a true action packed Sci-Fi gem, which would be a must have Blu-ray.

So, until we have the answer if this will be awesome or not, on July 9, have a look on the trailer below and tell us what you think about it.

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Supernatural Episode 16: Dark Side of the Moon

Supernatural is one of my absolute favorites, but I think that the quality of the episodes this season has been shifting too much from really great to dull, with an emphasis on dull. It feels like the main story is not enough to fill this whole season, thus all those irrelevant ‘filler’ episodes, as I tend to call them.

Now as the show is on its last legs, with just a handful of episodes left, I hope that Kripke will focus on the main story arch – the apocalypse and nothing else. That way I think that she show will leave us with a magnificent ending, which will be remembered for a long, long time.

The last episode, where Dean and Sam ran into a town crowded with walking dead was decent, but I did not feel that it added much to the main story arch, more than the message that Bobby received from Death itself.

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Fringe Episode 16: Peter

I really look forward to April 1, when Fringe finally starts airing again. I must say that I have dearly missed Walter, Peter and the rest of the gang. I also believe that episode 16 titled Peter, will be something extra, as well.

In the last episode Olivia found out that Peter actually hails from the alternate universe, as Peter and her where about to go out, something that we all have suspected for a long time.

Episode 16, picks up where the last one ended, where Walter will explains how it all started, beginning in 1985. Judging be the promo below, I guess that we’re in for a rather sentimental and dramatic episode, as Walter explains how Peter was deadly ill as a child and the reasons he had to traveled to the alternate universe and fetch another(?) version of Peter.

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Jack Bauer Signing Off

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fox cancels 24 and the last time we’ll hear the distinct tick, tick, tick sound, which we have learned to love or hate the past eight seasons, will be in May.

The reason is said to be a swelling budget, apparently around $5 millions per episode, poor ratings and the lack of creativity to come up with a breathtaking and thrilling idea for a ‘Day 9’.

However, if you’re a fan of Jack Bauer, you do not need to despair, since there is talk about adapting the concept into a feature movie, which would hit theaters in 2012 earliest, where Jack is sent off to Europa. Plus, the executive producer Howard Gordon, says that they are looking into other possibilities as well.

Also, when two of the most successful TV shows the past years, 24 and Lost, now are buried, I’m sure that we soon will see other innovative and action driven shows surfaces on our TV screens, competing for our ratings, which is always something to look forward to.

Shrek Forever After: The Final Chapter

Now it isn’t that long until DreamWorks Animation unleashes their cool green ogre, Shrek, on the silver screen for the fourth. On May 21 we can see the fourth movie titled, Shrek Forever After: The Final Chapter.

In Shrek Forever, Shrek found himself bored to death with his ordinary lifestyle as a domesticated family man. Then he meets Rumpelstiltskin (Paul McCartney), who offers Shrek a day off where he could feel like a real ogre again. All that Rumpelstiltskin asks in return, for this, is one day from Shrek’s life.

Shrek thinks that one day sounds like a real bargain, so he signs the contract, without knowing that the day Rumpelstiltskin decides to take out of Shrek’s life, is the day when Shrek was born.

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Movie Posters Craze – Iron Man, Expendables, A-Team, and others

There was quite a few posters, a couple of good ones too, which came out in the past days and since I have not been able to post that much, the past week, I thought that I would do a movie posters wrap-up, with the ones that I thought to be the most interesting and coolest.

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Eclipse Scene Leaked Online

A couple of days ago I posted the first trailer from the third installment of the Twilight saga, a trailer that was not all that dazzling, more than a short glimpse of Bryce Dallas Howard, who now will be playing Victoria.

However, if you lay your hands on the recently released DVD/Blu-ray of New Moon, you will also get a whole scene from Eclipse, which offers you a bit more to chew on than the paltry teaser.

Here is a brief cut from that scene, where you can see Bella and Edward, cuddling on a bed, discussing the consequences if Bella decides to go through with her choice of becoming a vampire and also immortal.

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Sweet Dreams Early Teaser

Here is an early teaser for producer Brian Kniffel’s upcoming movie, Sweet Dreams, a supernatural thriller with dreams and unearthly love as its main theme.

The synopsis sounds fresh and revolves around Sandman who, after watching over our dreams for eons, falls in love with a woman on earth. To create his perfect wedding, a group of unlucky girls are caught in the middle, getting their dreams and lives manipulated. The only question is, how far will Sandman go for the girl of his dreams?

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Legion Movie Review

In Legion, God has lost all hope of the humans, and with the help of his army of angels, he decides to bring down the apocalypse upon us. However, the archangel Michael, hasn’t lost his hope, so he deserts from the army and heads down to earth, trying to save the only hope we have left – an unborn child.

Scott Stewart’s directing debut, from his own script, has all the components that makes a grand and epic movie, a solid cast (Paul Bettany, Lucas Black, Charles S. Dutton, Tyrese Gibson, Dennis Quaid, Adrianne Palicki, and Kevin Durand), a God with no hope, hostile angels, the apocalypse and an unborn child.

Nevertheless, instead of being a fierce and action packed “Clash of the Angels”, Legion becomes just a disappointing little bump.

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Dialogues to Remember (or not): Friday The 13th (2009)

There are movie dialogues that have the ability to hardcode themselves into your head and they’re almost impossible to get rid of; regardless how much you try, they wouldn’t leave.

Some are good or even awe-inspiring, the words fills you with inspiration or joyfulness, while others leaves a strange aftertaste, and some are just tremendously comical or plain stupid, leaving you with your jaw hanging down your chest and your eyes bulging out and you wondering if you got it right.

I like post series, so I thought that I would start another one, which revolves around dialogues that I admire, found to be humorous, or just want to forget that I ever heard.

Horror movies, for some reason, often contains a wealth of well written, clever and razor sharp dialogues, which leaves me baffled of how the writers could have come up with them. Of course, they can also contain an equal amount of the opposite as well.

I think that the first dialogue, in this series, which I have grabbed from Marcus Nispel’s Friday the 13 from 2009, is a perfect example of a dialogue that actually enhanced my experience of the whole movie.

It takes place in one scene, where two of the soon-to-be-dead college students, Lawrence (Arlen Escarpeta) and Chelsea (Willa Ford) as seen in the post image, are chitchatting and it goes like this:

Lawrence: I got business I gotta do this weekend.
Chelsea: What business?
Lawrence: Music. I’m trying to start a label.
Chelsea: Oh, yeah? Like what kind? Like rap?
Lawrence: Why you gotta go racial? Look, don’t put me in a box, all right? What, because I’m black I can’t listen to Green Day?
Chelsea: You’re right, that was dumb. So, what kind of music?
Lawrence: Rap…

With this dialogue, I guess that you know in which direction this series are going and I hope that you want to drop in to read the next one as well!

Photo: © 2009 Warner Bros., All Rights Reserved

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