Bruce Willis – How to Kill a Wolf

The sturdy Bruce Willis shared a crumb of his vast knowledge in an interview recently in, Men’s Journal Magazine – how to kill a wolf with your bare hands!

He doesn’t reveal how he figured it out or if he has actually done it in real life, although it sounds rather physically possible.

Bruce says that if a wolf attacks you, the first thing you should do, is to shove your hand down its throat. This will prevent the wolf from biting you, since it would have problems breathing, with your arm down the throat.

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Suicide Girls Must Die

Suicide Girls is a popular adult website that focus on softcore pin-up-style photos of Goth, punk and indie-styled ladies. Now, the whole concept has been adapted into a reality horror movie, which I think looks rather interesting, actually.

The concept is rather original; a bunch of SuicdeGirls-models heads out to a remote cabin in Main, to shoot a calendar video. What they don’t know is that they’re part of a Suicide Girls version of reality horror movie.

Therefore, when the models start to disappear, one by one, the video shoot turns from an idyllic vacation like job, into a chaotic nightmare for the rest of the models.

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