A Fresh Poster from the Elm Street Revamp

The latest news from Samuel Bayer’s revamp of A Nightmare on Elm Street comes in the form of a titillating poster, featuring Freddy. I think the poster is rather good and I especially like the vicious smile on Freddy’s deformed lips.

Now, the only question that remains, before the premiere on April 30; will Bayer and Jackie Earle Haley manage to top Wes Cravens original?

I don’t think that Haley will let us down, but will Bayer be able to create the same surrealistic and frightful atmosphere that Craven gave us, or will it feel plastic and artificial, as the latest Friday the 13 did?

I really hope that the team behind this chose the Elm Street franchise because they had genuine interest of its core and not just because the title alone.

Anyway, I guess that we’ll be giving some of the answers in the upcoming trailer. However, I will have a hard time staying away from the theaters, so I will certainly end up watching this, regardless. How about you, what’s your feeling regarding this revamp?