Mother’s Day Update

In September last year, I wrote that Saw director Bousman had started filming his remake of Kaufman‘s classic, Mother’s Day and now he has posted some updates about it, on his blog.

The biggest news is that the movie will probably not come out on Mother’s Day, as it was planned from the beginning, but judging from what he has to say about it, I’m sure it will be worth waiting for.

Among other interesting things, he says that he is very proud of the movie and that every actor and every frame of it is first-class. It seems that his biggest problem is to get it all down to a reasonable length, so that we don’t get 6 hours of this intense story, about a distorted mother and her two sons.

Bousman also revealed that it is the characters and the story that are in the focus of the movie, and that the violence and the gore comes in second. However, he did assure that Mother’s Day is a highly intense and violent, it’s just lurking in the background.

He also talks about Rebecca De Mornay’s performance, which he assures us will be something out of the ordinary, which will make her part in, The Hand That Rocks The Cradle, look like Disney in comparison.

As for the release, Bousman says that they haven’t screened the movie for any distributor, but I guess that finding one will not be that hard and hopefully we will see a forceful trailer as soon as they have one.

You can read the whole post about Mother’s Day here, where you’ll also find a couple of interesting shoots from it as well.

One thought on “Mother’s Day Update

  1. 1st, let me say, I’ve waited a long time for this remake, as Mother’s Day is my favorite movie, and after seeing the ”golden few” get their makeovers, ie: Dawn of the Dead,(B-), Last House on the Left,(B+), Texas Chainsaw Massacre,(D+) Hills Have Eyes,(B), Hitcher,(F), Halloween,(D-), Nightmare on Elm Street,(still yet to see, will probably get an (F-) due to horrible reveiws) ect…. I’m a little concerned, as Mother’s Day dosen’t have to be updated via special effects, (Well, just mabe a new can of Drain-O !) It will all be told in the casting, I mean come’on, where are you going to find another Ike & Addley ? please dont pull a “Hitcher” on us, …take your time, …as long as you need, then the finale result will be worth while. …thanks for listening, Ken Simpson


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