Ondine an Interesting Fairytale

I find the story behind Colin Ferrell’s upcoming fantasy drama, Ondine, to be surprisingly interesting, much thanks to the trailer, which have a rather addictive score attached to it.

I also like the tagline that reads, “The Truth Is Not What You Know. It’s What You Believe”.
Of course, the presently high rating over at IMDB (8.0) also helped to ensnare my attention, a bit.

The story revolves around the fisherman Syraceuse (Ferrell) who one day finds a beautiful woman, caught in his net. Speculation about her origins begins to rise as she transforms and touches the lives of Syraceuse and the people in the small fisher town.

Neil Jordan, whom also made one of my favorite vampire movies, Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles (1994) has both directed and written this interesting fairytale.

According to the news buzz, Ondine will have a limited release sometime in June, this summer, but if you are in Europe, you will be able to see it a bit sooner than that, as it goes up in Poland on April 23 and in the Netherlands on May 6.

Below you’ll find both the poster and the trailer for Ondine, what do you think about it?

Ondine Trailer