Clash of the Titans Poster Mania

There’s no doubt in my mind that the epic fantasy adventure, Clash of the Titans, will be something extraordinary, and most possibly the best fantasy / action flick that will cross our eyes this year.

I had my doubt about Liam Neeson as Zeus, but after watching the trailer and the scene where he commands the Kraken to be released, leaved me hungry for more. I’m also curious what Ralph Fiennes will do with his role as Hades, as well.

Of course, there’s more to this flick, than Neeson and Fiennes, which makes me tense with excitement, like Sam Worthington as Perseus and his fight with Medusa, Alexa Davalos as Andromeda, Izabella Miko as Athena, all wrapped up with breathtaking effects and the stop motion techniques.

All that sounds very good to me, don’t you think?

Here is a very good trailer, which will give you a forceful preview what we can expect from it. It also shows The Kraken, which makes the version they use in Pirates of the Caribbean, look like a maggot!

I really enjoy all the great and cool posters that Warner Brothers has managed to release, and I have gathered my favorites below. I only wish that they hadn’t covered Medusas head that much, but maybe they will release a poster with only Medusa on it, that would be cool!

If you don’t want to miss this epic adventure and a movie experience that will most likely blow you away, you would want to put a big red circle around April 2, in your calendar.

Photo Credit: © Warner Brothers

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