Do You Want Horror Movies in 4D?

I guess that many of you have probably seen the 3D version of Avatar and perhaps you been amazed by that experience, as well.

Some of you maybe shrugged your shoulders and thought, what’s the big deal.

Maybe that was what they thought over at Korea’s leading cinema chain, as they decided to turn it up a notch and offer Avatar in 4D. Their setup includes over 30 effects, complete with moving chairs, sprinkling water, wind and the smell of explosives, to name a few.

Even though the cost for the 4D version is twice the regular price, the show is fully booked with people who want to experience Avatar, a little more lifelike.

Now, the logical question is, when do we see the first horror movie in 4D and more importantly, do we want to?

Imagine that you sit down in your favorite cinema and suddenly the musty smell of rotting corpses enters your nose. Your seat starts to spin and turn, as a grotesque banjo playing man chasing you, while you feel the breeze from his swinging ax, is licking your neck.

Suddenly your chair tilts forward and then up again, just in time for you to see how the man bury his ax, deep into the screaming girl’s forehead, while fake blood is sprinkled into your face.

Another suggestion would be to decrease the amount of air in the cinema, just as that pale and strange looking Asian chick, with long straggly hair, reaches out from the screen and starts strangling you.

I must admit that I would found it rather cool, once or twice, but after that, I would be satisfied. I feel that if you start adding too many extraordinary effects, then it’s not a movie anymore, it’s more like something you would expect at a theme park or something, which is not quite the way I like to see my horror movies.

What do you think, would you want to experience horror movies in 4D, and if so, what type of effects would you like to see?

Photo Credit: / CC BY-NC 2.0

2 thoughts on “Do You Want Horror Movies in 4D?

  1. Well its a bad idea because let’s say it’s paranormal activity you watch in 3d then on tv it’s says paranormal activity in 4d!Wow that will scar you for life. Just how the 4d affects work is complicated because the difference between a PG,PG-13,and R in 4d is that PG and PG-13 will be mostly watch because of the way the movie is, let’s say it’s more fun to experience by the way of the action,adventure,romance,touching,etc.But!!!
    the reason less people will watch raided R movies in 4d by the way of the blood, sound,intense deaths,intestines,and scary parts of the movies. Now about the reactions to what happens to the movie if there is a dead body in a scene you’ll get the smell of a body of a pig’s corpse or a cow’s corpse.The blood actually seems to be the ultimate prank in 4d raided R movie like when someone’s head gets cut of and the red blood looking color water sprays on you get scared easily.Now to the big deal the air motions to the weapon or the type of scary thing with whatever it has like the movie NMOES(Nightmare on Elm Street)it has the affect of the glove trying to grab or trying to attack but missing.Well thats all I could say bye


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