Cool Repo Men Posters

I wrote about Repo Men a couple of days ago and today I found that they had released some very cool posters for it as well.

Even though it’s only January and the movie year has just started, I do believe that these posters could be one of the coolest posters of the year, or what do you think?

Repo Men, is a sci-fi movie, which isn’t for the squeamish ones. The plot revolves around a high tech company that manufactures human organs, which they are selling expensive, as you can see in the posters.

When their customers cannot pay for their organs, they send out their repo men (Jude Law and Forest Whitaker) to reclaim the organs, regardless of what type of organ or the wellbeing of the bearer. Which I guess will include a bucket load of cutting and various body substances, in this one.

People who have been lucky enough to seen it already, say it’s a creepy and engaging sci-fi thriller and that Jude Law is surprisingly good, as well. The movie will cut into the cinemas on April 2 and you can view the trailer for it here.

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