Twilight Saga in Pencil Strokes

If you’re like me, having difficulties to embrace the movie adaptations of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight saga, you will soon have an alternative, which might suite you better that let you see the story in a completely new perspective.

My biggest problem with the movies is that I find them too far away from the charmed experience; I got from reading the books, which makes the movies to come out as wimpish, to me.

However, as said soon you can enjoy this vampire saga in a completely new format, as Yen Press is about to publish, Twilight: The Graphic Novel, by the graphics artist Young Kim.

Tina Jordan wrote over at EW that she found the characters in this novel to be exactly as she pictured them in her head, as she read the books, which I think sounds more than promising, actually.

Tina Jordan also got a little chat with Stephenie Meyer and during their conversation, she said that she hadn’t been directly involved in the original script, for the novel, but she had mess around with it a bit, requesting missing scenes to be added and so on.

She also revealed that she wasn’t working with any Twilight related stuff right now, but that she didn’t found it impossible that she would return working with Twilight, to close some open doors, as she put it.

The graphics novel will come out on March 16, and even if the first edition will go out in 350,000 copies, I guess that they will sell out rather quickly, so if you want one, you have to be fast, I guess.

You can see one of the panels in the novel at the Shelf Life Blog; there you will also find the whole conversation with Stephenie Meyer, as well.

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