Fierce Wolfman TV Spot

The third TV spot for Joe Johnston’s, most likely epic monster movie, The Wolfman, has just sailed up online and what a trailer it is. It’s one of the most intense that I have had the pleasure to see in a while!

It’s barely 30 seconds long, but the creators has managed to pack it so full of both dramatic and brutal action scenes that it will make your eyes watering with desire, to see this one as it screams into the cinemas on February 12, next month.

Another movie poster has also surfed up but, opposed to the trailer, it’s both horrible bad and boring, though.
I think that the big faces of Benecio Del Toro, Anthony Hopkins, Emily Blunt, and Hugo Weaving, with a tiny Wolfman in the center is both lacking in style and creative thinking from the makers. I hope that this poster isn’t the one that they will go for, or what do you think, does it appeal to you?

The Third TV Spot

The Wolfman Movie Poster

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