Survival of the Dead

I like George A. Romeo’s zombies, just because I find them to be the more realistic them other zombies, as they actually appears to be dead; moving slowly and clumsy, and they aren’t that strong or smart either.

Now, Romero is back with another zombie movie, Survival of the Dead, is his sixth “Dead” movie. It’s also a kind of a sequel to Diary of the Dead, as the story takes on where Diary ended.

In Survival of the Dead, we follow the people who ripped off the teenagers in Diary of the Dead and how their efforts to find a safe haven, from the flesh eating zombies.

They learn about Patrick O’Flynn, located in Delaware, who might be able to escort them to a safe place. As the party arrives to Delaware, they are double crossed. Together with O’Flynn, they find a ferryboat and heads out to Plum Island.

On Plum Island, they find out that the Muldoon family has banned O’Flynn from the island, since O’flynn believe in killing off the zombies, while the Muldoon’s believe that they should keep the zombies alive, until a they have found a possible cure.

It is uncertain, when and if Survival of the Dead will get a theatrical release or not. However, according to recent news, Magnet Releasing has acquired the rights for the movie in the US and they plan to release it on VOD first and then unleash it at the theaters. So maybe we could be enjoying it on the big screen, before summer even.

Survival of the Dead Trailer — Jan 9, 2010

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