Lake Mungo

Lake Mungo is a ghost story, written and directed by Joel Anderson, who has decided to show it in a documentary style. The movie is also Anderson’s feature debut, in which he tells the story about the 16 year old Alice Palmer, who drowns in a lake.

An investigation takes place, which determines that Alice death was a tragic accident, and her family buries their beloved daughter and starts to process their horrible loss and grief that comes with it.

Sometime after Alice’s funeral, strange and uncanny events start to emerge around the Palmer’s residence. The family then seeks help from Ray Kemeny, a parapsychologist, to help them get rid of these supernatural occurrences in their home.

As Ray visits the family and starts his paranormal investigation, he soon discovers that Alice appeared to have lived a double life, in secret. Ray’s investigation leads the family to Lake Mungo, where Alice’s dark secrets, starts to surface, in front of them.

Lake Mungo is not a traditional horror movie which goal is to scare us, instead it’s more like a supernatural drama about the bottomless grief that embrace one, when someone dare is taken away.

However, I find the documentary style, which Anderson has decided to use, to be quite effective, when done right, and I have no doubt that Lake Mungo will be able to send some cold chills down my spine, as it goes up on After Dark’s Horror fest, January 29.

Lake Mungo Trailer

Lake Mungo Poster

Lake Mungo Movie Stills

Photo Credit: Copyright Mungo Productions

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