The Reeds

The Reeds was the seventh film to be included in the After Dark’s Horror Fest starting January 29, 2010. The Reeds is director Nick Cohen’s latest feature and it is based on a book written Chris Baker, whom also penned the script.

In The Reeds, we get to follow a group of six 20-seomthing friends, who embarks on a boating trip for the weekend, in the ancient waterways of the Norfolk Broads. Unfortunately, they get lost in the vast reedy tidewaters.

As they try to find their way home, they stumble upon a dark secret, hidden deep in the reeds, a secret that turns into their worst nightmare and diminish their chances of coming out of the reeds alive.

Even though the cast is rather unknown, with Scarlett Alice Johnson ( Adulthood), Emma Catherwood (Senseless), Geoff Bell (Tormented) and Will Mellor, I believe that this young cast will deliver some brutal horror and suspense, straight into the peaceful and charming setting, in which the story takes place.

The Reeds Trailer

The Reeds Poster

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