The Hatchet director Adam Green gives us an ice cold thriller in Frozen, without the gory, violent and funny elements that Hatchet had, though.

In Frozen three friends, on a ski vacation finds themselves stranded high up in the air, in a chairlift. As the night and the extreme cold comes over them, they start to understand that no one knows where they are, thus they cannot expect to get any help.

The three friends can chose to stay put, during the night, but that would likely make them freeze to death, or they could try to make it down to the ground, on their own. However, the ground does not seem to be as safe as it first looks, though.

The cast in Frozen are rather well known. We have Shawn Ashmore, who did a good job as Eric in The Ruins, Emma Bell, has stared in the TV-show Supernatural(Free to Be You and Me) and for last, we have Kevin Zegers who has starred in Dawn of the Dead and Wrong Turn.

Some festivals have showed the movie and reactions from those who has seen it, says that it is rather good, with a great cast, high tempo and wrapped up with a splendid cinematography.

My first thought, when I heard about Frozen was, where are their cell phones? However, one explanation could be that there is no cell coverage, where the characters are located, which is what I hope Green has written into the script, since such little details can drive me nuts.

Anyway, we will get the answer to that, hopefully, as the movie goes up on February 5, 2010.

Promo Clip: One More Run

This promo clip is called, One More Run and shows how the tree skiers convince the lift operator to send them up, for one last run down the ski slope, even though the lift is closed for the day.

Frozen Movie Stills

Frozen Poster


2 thoughts on “Frozen

  1. I genuinely enjoyed this. It was extremely enlightening as well as useful. I’ll stop by again to check into future blog posts.


  2. that movie was thrilling from the part they got on the lift, to the end.
    it was gross and exciting all at once. at some parts of the movie i felt like wetting my pants and throwing up in my mouth. I would have rated it as 14A, not R, unless if they showed what happened to the guy who was wearing the sweater. Great movie, you’ve gotta watch it! the part that i thought was the best was all the parts was all the blood and gore. 🙂


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