Hidden, directed by Pål Øie is a Norwegian horror movie, which seems to be filled with psychological suspense.

The movie tells the story about Kai Koss, a young man that returns to his hometown, as his cruel mother passes away. Since there is no will, Kai inherits his childhood home.

Since Kai has spent the last two decades, trying to forget his dark past, he has no plans to stay; he wants to leave as soon as possible and starts to make the necessary arrangements for a quick departure out of there.

However, with the heritage of the house, dark and deadly secrets follow with it, and when a young couple, whom are out camping, suddenly disappears, Kai find himself snarled up in a series of murderous events, and soon realize that there some things that you cannot run from.

Hidden had its Norwegian release on April 3, 2009 and has got overwhelmingly positive reviews, described as a beautiful made horror movie, which uses psychological suspense to tell its story, instead of hacking and slashing its way through it. Hidden also won an Amanda Award for Best Production Design, as well.

Hidden is part of the lineup of After Dark’s Horror Fest, which starts on January 29, 2010.

Hidden Trailer — January 2, 2010

Hidden Movie Poster

Hidden Movie Stills

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