The Graves

The easiest way of describing Brian Pulido’s, The Graves, is to picture the road movie Thelma & Louise by Ridley Scott, on steroids.

In The Graves, we follow the two inseparable sisters Megan and Abby, as they decide to get on a wild road trip, to blow off some steam, before Megan begins her new job.

Even though Megan and Abby have similar interests, like an obsession with comics, pop culture and rock and roll, they have different personalities.

While Megan is a self-assured, naturally attractive rock chick, Abby is a cute Hot Topic Goth who is afraid of her own shadow.

Anyway, the sisters plan to drive into the remote Arizona, to visit a campy roadside attraction. However, the two enthusiastic sisters ends up in the weather beaten mine town Skull City, which turns out to harbor devilish things, which comes in both human and supernatural shapes.

When the sturdy Megan, suffers a mortal wound, Abby must step up to the plate and try to save both of them, before they faces the fate of the tourists before them, a gruesome and bloody death.

I like the plot, as well as the trailer, a lot and it seems to suit my taste, spot on, being fun, thrilling and gory, at the same time. I would not like to miss it as After Dark unleashes it at Horror Fest on January 29, 2010.

The Graves Trailer

The Graves Movie Photos

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