ZMD – Horror Fest Poster

ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction, directed by Kevin Hamedani who also co-wrote it with Ramon Isao, is a zombie movie that is supposed to be both gory and sharp, with a social relevance, attached to it.

The story is set in the conservative and calm island town Port Gamble, where a zombie virus breakout, which turns people into unstoppable flesh eating zombies.

Nevertheless, Frida (Janette Armand), an Iranian college student suspected of being an Iraqi terrorist and Tom (Doug Fahl), a gay business man who has returned to town with his partner to come out to his mother, forms a small resistance group, to try to defend their community from the undead.

ZMD is one of eight movies, included in After Dark’s Horror Fest, starting on January 29. Stephanie Caleb, the After Dark Films Executive said that they are pleased to offer a gory and sharp movie; with such social relevance and that, it will bring a new level of variety to this year’s Horror Fest.