3 New Wolfman Stills

Here are three new stills, from Joe Johnston’s, much anticipating monster movie, The Wolfman, which will have its premiere next year.

Even though they doesn’t show us any juicy shoots of Benicio Del Toro going berserk as the werewolf, I enjoy them nonetheless.

I especially like the mystic and creepy scenery in them, which makes me more confident that The Wolfman will rock us in our seats on February 12, next year, or what do you think?

The three photos are all night shoots and the first shows the full moon through a barred window, from within a dungeon of some sort and the second one is a nice shoot of a silhouette, walking on a ridge, with the full moon glowing in the background. The third photo shows a forest, covered in a thick mystifying fog.

Source: Shockya
© 2010 Universal Studios, All Rights Reserved.

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