The Golden Globe Nominations – I’m not pleased

Today the nominations for the 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards went public and it contained a big surprise, from my point of view, which made me very disappointed.

I was convinced that John Noble would receive a nomination, given his breathtaking portrayal of Walter Bishop, in Fringe, which I think is one of the best performance, on television, in years. Therefore, I got rather stunned, as I realized that they skipped him and I serious question their judgment.

The way Noble plays his character is awe-inspiring. It’s a joy to see how he uses his body language, facial skills and voice, to present such a magnificent interpretation of, the emotional and psychological rollercoaster, Dr Bishop.

Now, you tell me, but I don’t think that anyone of this year’s nominees, which are Michael Emerson (Lost), Neil Patrick Harris (How I met your mother), William Hurt (Damages), John Lithgow (Dexter) and Jeremy Piven (Entourage), even come close to Noble’s performance and I think it’s a shame that they didn’t acknowledged him for it.

On the brighter side, everything went much better for another favorite of mine, Dexter. Who managed to receive three, well deserved, nominations for best drama series, best performance by an actor (Michael C. Hall) and best supporting actor (John Lithgow).

It was also pleasing, for a vampire fan, to see that True Blood managed to fang two nominations, for best drama series and best performance by an actress (Anna Paquin).

Even though I find it pleasing that Dexter and True Blood was nominated, I will have a hard time to forget them for their blunder to omit John Noble, though. What do you think are you happy with this year’s nominations or is there something you miss?

You’ll find all the nominees at Golden Globe Awards official website.

2 thoughts on “The Golden Globe Nominations – I’m not pleased

  1. Oh how I soooooooooooooooooooooo agree with you on this. I have been searching everwhere to see if John Noble would get a nomination in any award event. Nowhere! I am extremely disappointed. His performance is OUTSTANDING! I have not seen such a performance ever in my life. Every time I sit down to watch the show, I am always at awe about him and can not stop complimenting on his acting. I think he is one of the best performers of all time. Extremely disappointed by no nomination!


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