The Final Trailer

Recently I wrote about Dread, which is one of the movies, included in After Dark’s HorrorFest, starting on January 29.

Therefore, I thought that I should write a little about the rest of the movies, part of the festival, which I find interesting, as well.

First out is The Final, directed by Joey Stewart and stars Marc Donato, Whitney Hoy, Jascha Washington and Justin Arnold. Like Dread, this is a psychological thriller, without any supernatural elements.

The story revolves around a close group of awkward high school friends, whom the other students bullies and taunts, making their life a living hell.

After Dane, the leader of the outcasts inherits a lake-house from his uncle, the group decides to host a costume party there, and invites the rest of the school. However, at the party the tormentors are up for a shocking surprise, as their hosts suddenly drugs and imprison them.

Then, inspired by elements taken from history lessons and horror movies, the outcasts expose their tormentors for a shockingly brutal physical and psychological torture, while seeking their revenge.

I find the plot appealing since, similar to the excellent book The Lord of The Flies, explores the darker spectrum of our abilities and what can happen, if we’re pushed too far, which I find both thrilling and frightening at the same time. Something that adds to the horror is that the movie is loosely based on true events, as well.

The Final Official Trailer:

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