Supernatural E11 Promo

CW released a new promo trailer, yesterday, titled Screwed. The trailer shows clips from the upcoming episode 11 – “Sam, Interrupted”, which will air on January 21, 2010.

However, the promo has been floating around the net for some time now, but hasn’t been uploaded by CW before, though.

Apparently, the episode would be about a former hunter that has ended up in a psychiatric hospital, where strange things are happening.

I guess that Dean and Sam, in their efforts to help the former hunter, somehow get into to the hospital, as patients. However, judging by the promo, things don’t seem to work out as planned, though.

Malcolm Stewart is playing a character named, Aaron Fuller, which could be the former hunter, that Dean and Sam sets out to assist. The episode is also featuring Michelle Harrison as Dr. Erica Cartwright.

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