Horror Hoodies

Now, you can show up at the next Halloween party, or even at work, dressed as Jigsaw or Jason Voorhees, without the hassle of buying a mask, make-up or fake blood. All thanks to the horrifying hoodies in the Black Rhino collection from Marc Ecko.

The hoodies, in the Black Rhino collection, feature some classic icons such as Jason, Jigsaw, Batman and The Joker. However, the ones that I liked were the Jigsaw and Jason hoodies.

The hoodies are remarkable easy to use, you just zip the hoodies all the way up, and the faces will appear. The Jason hoodies even has breathing holes and mesh eyeholes, as well.

However, if you want one of these eye-catching hoodies, you’d better hurry, since they’re only available in a limited edition, never to return. Well, I guess they will show up on E-bay, as collectors’ items, but with another, higher, price tag, though. They cost just $59.99 and you can order them on-line at, ShopEco.com

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