Buried Posters

A couple of posters for the Spanish director Rodrigo Cortés thriller, Buried, surfaced on Quiet Earth, late last night. Buried, is an independent movie, which seems to be a heck of a nail biter type of movie and just reading the plot sends the chills down my spine.

Ryan Reynolds plays Paul Conroy, an U.S contractor, working in Iraq. One day, Iraqis terrorists kidnap Paul, and as he wakes up, afterwards, he realizes that he’s buried alive, in a small coffin, somewhere in the desert. With a lighter and a cell, as his only tools of survival, we get to follow Paul’s race against the clock, to get out of his deathtrap alive.

I think that the promo poster is impressive; it really drips of panic and it shows the essence of the plot, spot on.

The other two posters aren’t as good as the one above. I think they are rather lame and bland, like signs that you expect to see in a public toilet or motel – not that particularly exciting.

I, as a true claustrophobic, will certainly chew my nails down to the knuckles, when I have the chance to see Buried, and frankly, I look forward to it as well! Apparently, Buried will have its premiere at this year’s Sundance film festival, January 21-31.

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