The Heavenly Brawl in Supernatural

Another Thursday has passed, with no Supernatural in sight. It feels like there is an infinite length of time left until January, when we get to meet Sam, Dean, Cass and the rest of Supernatural, again.

However, there are signs of life, though. Inside TV, managed to catch up with Misha Collins and Julie McNiven and they shared some light on what’s going on, on Supernatural right now.

Misha revealed that Cass would not be present in the first two episodes, after the hiatus, but he’ll return in episode 13 “Back to the Future II”, which they are currently filming. This is an episode, which I think can turn out to be quite breathtaking!

“Back to the Future II” is the name of the episode. However, it’s not a feel good episode, featuring Doc Brown and Marty McFly. It does contain some time travelling, but it has a much darker and vicious plot, attached to it.

In this episode, Anna points her finger at Sam, blaming him for the apocalypse. In addition, she comes up with a plan, on how to end it, as well. She figures, if she goes back in time and kills, John and Mary Winchester, Sam would never be born and could therefore not start the apocalypse.

However, this is something that Dean and Sam don’t approve of, so with the help of Cass, they follow Anna back in time, to stop her from carrying out her brainless plan. I guess that the highlight of this episode would be the heavenly sibling fight, of epic proportions, as Cass and Anna are battling it out!

According to Inside TV, Misha actually reveals that Cass barley made it out from the episode, in one piece. However, Julie McNiven was a bit more secretive about the outcome, but said that the fans wouldn’t be let down, though. Sounds to me like episode 13, could be a real gem to look forward to, don’t you think?

You can read the whole piece at Inside TV, where a lighthearted discussion about a possible spin-off also came up, among some other interesting stuff, as well.

They have also released the titles of the upcoming episodes, which are:

Episode 11 – Sam, Interrupted
Episode 12 – Swap Meat
Episode 13 – Back to the Future II
Episode 14 – My Bloody Valentine
Episode 15 – Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid
Episode 16 – Your Whole Life Flashes Before Your Eyes

I wonder what Kripke has cooked up for episode 14, which has the same title as the horror movie, which Ackles starred in, not that long ago, what do you think?

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