Movie Stills of Freddy

A couple of stills from the upcoming revamp of A Nightmare on Elm Street has shown up on-line, to tease us a little bit, until the movie hits the theaters, and honestly, I think that they look rather cool, actually!

To be honest, I felt a bit ambivalent to the idea that Freddy wouldn’t show off his surreal humor, in this revamp, to make him appear more grievous.

However, as I now see Jackie Earle Haley’s version, I feel somewhat more comfortable, with the idea and this ‘new’ Freddy, and I think that he actually looks a notch scarier than the ‘old’ version.

The other stills are a bit more action packed, showing a guy that seems to know that it’s time for him to cash out, plus a scene where a girl is hovering over a bed. I wonder if the later could be a reference to the blood geyser scene, in the original movie? The last still shows Freddy, sharpening his blades, in his usual manner.

What do you think about the ‘new’ Freddy, does he look scarier or lamer and will you rush to the theaters on April 30 next year, to see if he’s as skilled with his blades, as he was in the good old days?

Photo Credit: © 2010 Warner Bros., All Rights Reserved.

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