I really like spoof-horror movies, if made in the right way, like the Scary Movies franchise and not like the Stan Helsing kind of movies. They should also contain a truckload of clever and obscure movie references; spotting them is half the fun, I think.

A spoof-horror should also have a rather uncomplicated plot, with the spoofs weaved into it, in a way that brings it forward. Moreover, it will not hurt if there’s also a bunch of dumb, screaming college hotties, running around, as well. Of course, it will also help if you’re a bit childish, like me. Then you know how to relax and enjoy these kinds of movies – like pure refreshing popcorn entertainment and nothing else.

Transylmania, which has premiere on Friday, seems to fit the description, to the letter. It’s a sequel to National Lampoon’s Dorm Daze 2 and is written and directed by the Hillenbrand brothers.

The plot is rather simple; a bunch of airheaded college students heads off to do a semester in a foreign college, The Razvan University. Once there, they start to realize, if not all the wild partying will consume them, the vampires surely will!

Transylmania has a rating of 6.2, on IMDB, and for some reason guys rate it at 6.7, while the girls give it a rating below 3, odd isn’t it? Well, I for one do believe that Transylmania will be laughable, and since there’s vampires involved, I hope that they did managed to squeeze in a couple of hilarious Twilight spoofs, as well!

Transylmania Trailer:

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