30 Days of Night Goes Franchise?

E.L. Katz, over at Bloody Disgusting, paid a visit to the set of 30 Days of Night: Dark Days, in Vancouver recently. There he managed to get some interesting info from Steve Niles, the creator and co-writer of the movie.

Niles said that if Dark Days goes well, they’re ready to keep going, since they have a young cast to work with and they have like seven different novels, already made, to work with.

That sounds to me like there are going to turn the 30 Days concept into a complete franchise, which I think sounds promising. If they just can keep it as fresh and as good as the first one, I say go for it!

Steve Niles also said that it was scheduling conflicts that forced Melissa George to turn down the opportunity to reprise her role as, Stella Oleson, a role that landed in Kiele Sanchez lap instead.

I’m a little disappointed that they couldn’t work things out with Melissa George, though. However considering the fact that she and Sanchez looks rather similar, at least in my eyes, and that the plot for Dark Days is set a year from the brutal slaughter in Barrow, I don’t think it means that much in the end.

The plot in Dark Days, is set in Los Angeles, where Stella relocates after traveling around the world, trying to convince others that vampires really exists, only to be meet by laughter and skepticism. Nevertheless, as she comes together with a couple of lost souls, she sees an opportunity to avenge the death of her beloved Eben. So, Stella heads down into the underground of Los Angeles, to stop the brutal vampires from repeating their bloody and murderous acts again.

Well, sounds good to me and I can barely wait until I can sit down and enjoy this, bloody and awesome sequel, sometime next year.

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