Another Daybreakers Trailer

Another trailer for Daybreakers, which I’m rather excited about, has found its way to the net. This version gives us a closer look on the vampires and luckily, I didn’t spot any charming pretty boy vampires, which seems to be so popular these days, in it.

Even though the movie doesn’t go up in the theaters until January next year, a couple of lucky people has seen it at a couple of festivals recently; Austin Fantastic Fest and Calgary Film Festival.

People that has seen it talks about it as both fresh and memorable, or as Peter Hall at HorrorsNotDead wrote in his positive review about the movie; Daybreakers is an ideal blend of thought and action. He also mentions that Willem Dafoe’s character is the most interesting in the whole movie, even though Ethan Hawke does a good job as well.

Well, I think that Daybreakers will be a much welcome break from all the sugarcoated vampire stories floating around at the moment, or what do you think?

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