What’s in Store For Supernatural?

Since Supernatural is off the air, until January, 2010 I thought that we could have a look what Kripke has in store for us, next year. Just a little warning though, this post may contain possible spoilers, so if you don’t want to know anything, you should skip it.

As you all might know, this might be the last season of Supernatural, since Kripke wrote the story to span over five seasons.

However, he has also said that, just because this story arch will end this season, that doesn’t mean that, the show must end. In addition, both Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki both have contracts for a possible sixth season, just in case. Nevertheless, eventually it will of course come down to a question of money; if the show brings in money, it will continue, it just that simple.

Well, let us now take a look what will possible happen in the reminder of season 5, then!

This season we’ll meet the rest of the Four Horsemen. We have already meet War and in the latest episode, Lucifer brought back another one, Death. In February, Famine will appear in an episode that Kripke describes as quirky, disturbing and provocative. Later we’ll also get to see what Pestilence is able to do.

The Archangel Michael will also appear on the show, finally. He will make his appearance in an episode where Dean and Sam travel back in time, to meet their parents as newlyweds. Rumors has it that the reason, they go back in time, is because Anna has set out to kill their parents, that way Sam will never be born, preventing Lucifer to use him as his vessel. Sadly, Jeffrey Dean Morgan will not play John Winchester in this episode, since it will star the young versions of John and Mary.

Episode 18, also the 100th episode of Supernatural, will be a real kickshaw for all fans of Dean. This episode will focus entirely on Dean and the mythology of the show, as well as the Archangel Michael and his relationship to Dean.

Besides travelling in time, Dean and Sam will also pay Heaven a visit, and notice that it looks just like Vancouver, according to Kripke. Of course, God will also be appearing this season, probably in the finale episode.

It hasn’t been revealed who will play God, naturally, and Kripke laughed softly to the suggestion that Christopher Walken would play Him. Nevertheless, the discussion is in full swing on various forums, which includes names as Morgan Freeman and Tim Roth, just to name a couple.

However, I have always suspected that God will use a vessel, like the rest, as he appears on the show, and that would be either Cass or Bobby, since it would fit the story rather well. I don’t support the idea of letting some high profile actor play him, though, since I think it could ruin much of the atmosphere.

There’s also an episode where the Winchester boys will switch bodies, which could be, well both interesting as well as awkward, to witness.

Anyway, this was a quick peek in the crystal ball, to see what the rest of season 5 might have in store for us. Nevertheless, I’m certain though, that the final episode will contain an epic battle, between Lucifer and Michael, dressed in the bodies of Dean and Sam, something else than that, would make me a very disappointed dude.

How about you, what do you think the rest of Season 5 will have in store or what would you like to see?

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